MAY 5. 2007

The Spokane Chapter has adopted the Lower Granite Airport (00W) on the banks of the Snake River. 
On Saturday, May 5th, nine chapter members drove, flew, and biked to the strip for our annual work party.  This year our mission was to build a trail from the parking lot up to the runway.  Check out the photos.

Five pilots having a trail engineering discussion.

The "Trail Buster" at work.

The finished product-looking from the runway.

Terraced steps up to the runway.

Another view toward the runway.

A few members of the crew pose for a "job well done" photo opportunity.

The new trail is at the north end of the runway near the campground. 
In addition to the trail and steps, the group also worked on the segmented circle around the windsock.
They were able to uncover and paint about half of the cement blocks to increase visibility of the mid-field sock from the air.

Lower Granite Airport is a great recreation destination. 
The campground is about 500 yards from the runway.
Excellent fishing from the shore with a swimming beach and plenty of lawn shaded by huge trees.
The runway is 3,400 feet by 75 feet with a gravel surface.
It gets hot down in this canyon during the summer so plan for early morning or evening departures.

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