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What's in it for you when you join?
  1. Knowing that you are doing your part to help us with our commitment to keep GA in Washington healthy, safe, fun and affordable!

  2. Add your voice to strengthen our ability to get local and state government to listen to us and support our GA causes.  Our track record for successes directly benefiting pilots and aircraft owners in Washington is impressive!

  3. Join in the fun meeting new friends in aviation through chapter and inter-chapter events.

  4. Stay informed through seminars featuring experts in all aspects of aviation and our bi-monthly WINGS magazine.

  5. Enjoy merchant discounts offered to WPA members.

  6. Free use of the rustic Stuart Island getaway cabin.

  7. Much, much more!

Member Benefits

The WPA is the ONLY non-profit organization of pilots and others interested in aviation focused on serving pilots and promoting general aviation specifically in the State of Washington. Here is what the WPA does for YOU:

  • WPA Works Locally & Statewide to Preserve YOUR Right to Fly

  • WPA Works to Maintain Sufficient State and Local Funding for YOUR GA Airports

  • WPA Wings Newsletter Subscription Included

  • WPA Chapters & Social Activities

  • WPA Training & Educational Programs Keep Us All Up to Date

  • WPA Connects With Other Pilots in Your Area & Across the State

  • WPA Discount on Subscriptions to General Aviation News

  • WPA Free Use of Rustic Cabin on Stuart Island

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