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December 2018

Veterans Day is not long past.  This time of year, having spent 24 years in the Navy, I occasionally hear, “Thank you for your service!”  I was honored to serve and enjoyed my time in Naval Aviation (A-6 Bombardier), but it makes me realize that, for the most part, Americans enjoy serving others and appreciate the service that others do.  Not all cultures are like this.  It is something we do well.

With chapter and state elections coming up, we have an excellent opportunity to step up and demonstrate that service in the support of the mission of the WPA.  Each chapter requires officers and directors to remain viable.  It does take a little time and effort but a) many hands make light work, b) your service provides huge benefits for others both now and years into the future, and c) it can actually be a lot of fun.  Chapter presidents and vice presidents organize the chapter, direct activities, serve as the main points of contact for the chapter, but they also represent the chapter at local and state meetings.  They get to meet other aviators and widen their circle of aviation friends and acquaintances.  Treasurers, secretaries, and directors (membership, newsletter, program, legislative affairs) are the backbone of chapters.  They provide the actual services that keep the chapter rolling and often step up into other leadership roles later.

At the state level the same needs exist.  We are seeking nominations this year for President, Vice President (West Side), and directors of Legislative Affairs, and Membership.  And as an appointed position, we are also seeking a Secretary.  All of these positions help make up the Board of Directors that guide and shape the Washington Pilots Association.  If you would like to take a broader role, or know someone who would do an excellent job in one of these positions but is too shy or self-effacing to suggest themselves, send an email to or  Don and Rich are the nominating committee and can start a conversation.

If you have ever thought, “Man, those guys running this organization don’t know what they’re doing.  If I were in charge, things would be different!”  Well, now’s your chance.  Volunteer for a chapter position or contact Rich, Don, or me to discuss a state board position.  We need you, you’ll be providing a needed service to others, and we’ll all have fun in the process.

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