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Methow Valley

The Methow Valley chapter has roughly 30 members as of late 2023. Meetings are the second Monday of each month, September through May. Summer fly-outs and Twisp Pancake Breakfast in early July are other occasions to meet up.  


Flying in and around mountainous terrain to access any of our airports (S52 & 2S0), we tend to focus on mountain flying safety and aircraft preparation.  


Methow Valley Chapter has adopted Stehekin State Airport(6S9) for work parties and improvements.  We meet with WSDOT for an annual work day in June each year.  Improvements including maintaining bicycles and airplane tie downs along with vegetation control in critical areas.


We are an active flying community with a variety of interests and uses for aviation.

Chapter Contacts
  • Rick LeDuc, President: 509-429-2922 or by Email

  • Clay Chase, Vice President & Secretary: 206-963-4353 or by Email

  • James Negris, Treasurer: 425-446-1224‬ or by Email


Visit the beautiful and unique Methow Valley!  

Twisp is an artisan town.
Winthrop is a Western theme town.

Mazama is the start of 200 km of groomed cross country ski trails.

Click here for Methow Reservations.

Tandem bike to bor
row and Pilots Lounge at Twisp Airport (2S0).

Bikes to borrow and 100LL at Methow Valley State Airport (S52).


Prior permission required for landing at Pianosa and Port Field.

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