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WPA Membership

Click to join now! Or, scroll down to learn more about WPA membership, perks, and activities in your area and around the state. Come join us!


We, the Washington Pilots Association are you: volunteers, GA pilots, airline pilots, back country pilots, students, mechanics, business owners, aviation enthusiasts, anyone and everyone who benefits from the aviation transportation system in Washington State.


WPA has nearly 24 chapters throughout the state. Drop in to a meeting, join a flyout, attend a seminar, join a local chapter!

Download our membership brochure for more info.


Joining or renewing is easy! Activate or renew your membership online or by mail. There is likely a chapter near you! You can also join WPA as a member at large.


(coming soon!)

Learn how to:

  • update your contact info

  • print your membership card

  • access the Aircraft Spruce discount code

...and more

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WPA's Political Action Committee (WPA-PAC) works to maintain funding for GA airports and protect your right to fly. Private citizens and other stakeholders carry out important advocacy work, talking to legislators, writing letters and raising awareness around aviation-related issues in Washington state.


Enjoy discounts on aircraft parts and supplies, FBO and training services, restaurants, and other aviation-friendly businesses throughout the state.


Our events calendar is being redesigned. In the near future, chapters and organizations all over the state will be able to easily add seminars, events, flyins, meetings and more! Stay tuned...

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WPA members enjoy free use of a rustic fly-in cabin on Stuart Island. Click here for runway and cabin information.

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