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WPA State President Les Smith

We continue our journey around the sun towards an inclination that means longer daylight hours. That means more opportunity for flying. Springtime also means greater variability in the weather. Most of us probably did not realize, when embarking on our pilot training, that we were also committing to becoming students of weather. There are few factors in our flying that are as quick to change, or as important, as the weather. That is why the new FAA program, “Got Weather?” is something for which each of us can find a takeaway. It is built around the checklist items of Review. Practice. Educate. Plan and Share. Within those items we each have strengths and weaknesses that are worthy of self-review. It might be easy to consider the vast new world of weather-in-the-cockpit products and services available and ascribe the solution to the array of technologies. But it is still up to you to assimilate the data these products and services provide and exercise judgment and decision making. That is where a little introspection and self-review is worthwhile, as the spring flying season here in the Pacific Northwest unfolds. Get started at http://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/got_weather/.

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