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To advance the interests of General Aviation in Washington State through advocacy, outreach, education, and social activities.

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President's Message

WPA State President John Dobson

Advocacy . . . The WPA and you . . .

What is the value of the WPA for you? A good, valid question, in deed. Our message has always been one of preserving your right to fly through Advocacy, Outreach, Education, and Social. For whatever reason there seems to be a major disconnect between the casual observer and the work we do at the State level. So let’s talk specifics for you!

House bill, HB 2413, sponsored by Rep. Dent (R-Moses Lake) was read for the first time on January 18, 2016. The focus of the bill is aircraft registration “simplification and fairness”. While most of the aircraft registration is about $65.00, there are fees for being late to register.
Passage of this bill will reduce the late fee progressive penalties from $400 down to $100.

In 2015, your WPA assisted in the passage of two important bills. Passed in 2015 SB 5988 and SB 6057 in combination allocates 100% of aircraft Excise Tax funding to the Aeronautics Account. Prior to signature 90% of the funding went to the General Fund. That simple solution gained our airports $637,000.00 (Times the Federal multiple equals $10.6 million) for
Washington airports! Note, $909,000 was returned to the state’s general fund in sales and B&O tax.

Your WPA assisted in an important victory. Defeated in 2010 the House and Senate attempted to pass a 1% Aircraft Excise Tax to be collected annually. For the average GA aircraft that would have cost between $200 to $1000 every year. For a Citation or Gulfstream owner the cost would
have been SIX figures.

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