Mission Statement
To advance the interests of General Aviation in Washington State through advocacy, outreach, education, and social activities.

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President's Message

WPA State President John Dobson

Arrogance, Ignorance and Literary Incest . . .

Sometimes we think we are more important than we are. Sometimes we think we know more than we do. Sometimes we pontificate only within our ranks. God help us when everyone ignores us because we are guilty of all three! It’s time for a reality check.

First . . . to Les Smith . . . “Thank You”. You depart the WPA knowing that it is a better organization today because of you. Aside from being a great “animal trainer”, you made formal the long sought after Aviation Coalition; Something that you and I sought back in 2010. You finally gave the WPA a seat at the table! Your new role with AOPA as the Senior Director, Pilot Community Development, holds even greater promise for all of us in aviation. They are lucky to have you. You will be missed, but not forgotten! Second . . . I thank the Board of Directors for asking me to return as your “interim president”. It’s not often we get a second chance.

Every February in Puyallup at the Aviation Trade Fair, without exception, Les would post up the “Four Pillars” of the WPA’s Mission Statement, “To advance the interest of General Aviation in Washington State through (1) Advocacy, (2) Outreach, (3) Education and (4) Social Activities”. 

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